Saturday, 13 January 2007

Party Pooped, 04th December, 2006

When did it become a sensible idea to work all day, go for a run, then go to a party?

Saturday work was good, v busy.

Run was excellent. 3.5 miles in 36min averaging 10.23 p/m





It was freezing cold and a bit damp but I just ran it all away. I just managed to fit the run in before I had to shower and glam-up for the party... think that pushed me on to a slighter faster pace than the previous day.

Party was also wonderful, lots of friends there. But had to go at about 11pm as the temptation to drink too much and be hungover for work was too great. So I was tucked up asleep by 12:30 - very unlike me. 9h kip - absolute bliss.

Right, off to bed now I'm home, unpacked, and have caught-up with the blog.

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