Saturday, 13 January 2007

The Hills are Alive ...30th November, 2006

The Hills are Alive

... with the sound of me beathing quite heavily.

Despite the fact it was a short run today - 5k- it was superb. It was cold, windy, beginning to rain and I stormed out of the house having had a v. minor tiff with TheOther. Wow, I should start all my races angry - it really kept me going. I went along a route near home that includes 3 small rises and one hill.

Splits were:





And, most happily for me, I didn't have to walk at all. The hills seemed surmountable, I just had to attack them properly and suddenly I was at the top. Feel amazing today. (Which I think just rubs TheOther the wrong way as their cold has headed chestward and makes running impossible.)

Bit nervous as my usual w/end running has been stopped this week as I have to work. Might manage a quick city run over the w/end though... or I might just relax.

Warning rant alert @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Ironically for those reading the Charity emails previous to this I had my first communication from Shelter today. They were asking if I still required the running stuff (despite an email begging them for it last week) and saying could I let them know if I was doing the FLM... as I'd told them I was! They got exceptionally polite short shrift. No contact for almost 2 months then they ask me to contact them again and then they accuse me of not letting them know about a race I was never doing. I was delighted to be able to tell them my money was going elsewhere - somewhere where the money spent on fundraising and clerical matters appeared to be used efficiently.

I'm really sad by quite how badly their internal systems seem to run - they are a great charity and the money should be used efficiently. (Officially my end of charity rant.)

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