Saturday, 13 January 2007

Rest ye weary legs ...07th December, 2006

Oooowwwww I'm suffering. I went surfing yesterday. It was brilliant. Really perfect beginners’ waves, wonderful crisp sunshine, huge gaps between the waves - it couldn't have been better. I also stood loads which I haven't done in ages.

However - I should have rested. I felt fairly fine yesterday - my muscles were quite happy; a bit stiff but not too achy. By the time I went to bed last night I was IN PAIN. It took me ages to get to sleep as it hurt to lie on my thighs (and I'm rubbish at lying on my back).

TheOther gave me a bit of a massage this morning and it really helped. (But I'm not sure the tears were appreciated.) Dinner last night was found in a perfect pub (cosy, friendly, great menu) where I had the steak and chips I desperately needed. Feel a bit crappy today - like I've over done it (quelle surprise). Catching up on work and not using the legs.

I know where I want to focus my energies now. 10k and halfs. 5ks to improve speed. That's the plan - as soon as my legs let me do something!

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