Thursday, 11 January 2007

Just before the off... ,10th November, 2006

After yesterday I expected to ache a bit more than I did; just one slightly tight calf. It eased off after a 2mile walk on the beach with the dogs. They were delighted to be off lead, roaming free and chasing after the ball.

My knees didn't hurt this morning which pleased me greatly. I know that joints are for life (unlike muscles which repair themselves etc) so I try and heed any warnings they give. When I first ran 10k they ached a bit but now they don't complain - which is reassuring.

The knowledge that I was going to be stuck on a train all day tomorrow with only my eye and brain muscles used pushed me to do 30min on the elliptical before I started to pack. 30min on interval setting. I know the first 15min took me to the 1.5mile point but after that the incredibly temperamental distance counter stopped working (again). Ah well, never mind. The resistance was tough, I'm still pretending it's hill training despite knowing that in the real, outside, world gravity is a mean task master when I'm trying to haul my **** up the hill.

Right, must go and finish packing... arg, train leaves in 8h 15min.

Hope to run in London, my first urban run. I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

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