Thursday, 11 January 2007

The antithesis to running, 19th November, 2006

I might have over-egged the title slightly. I'm sure some of you are now expecting me to tell you about a wonderful Sunday when I didn't leave the house and all I ate was chocolate. Sadly this isn't the case. Today (after about 6 months of neglect) I did 30min of yoga instead of going for a run.

I remembered all the things I loved about it; the flow, the calm, the deep regular breathing. I expected my muscles to be tight because of the running (last time I did yoga running was in-no-way a part of my life). However they were not too bad and my legs feel miles better from having done a nice calm set of stretches.

I still feel a tiny bit dodgy and TheOther was having a footie day so going for a run just seemed too knackering. I'm amazed that yoga can still make me 'glow' - it doesn't feel like it's hard work most of the time (and then your shoulders and hips crack simultaneously and you realise that maybe, just maybe, you might be giving the joints a bit of a work out).

I've only ever been to one yoga class (loved the yoga - couldn't stand the chanting) as there are no Ashtanga courses near me and I like this faster, flowing form as you get to stretch and work-out. So I'm going to recommend David Swenson's YOGA SHORT FORMS to any beginners. There are 3 programs on the disk 15, 30 and 45 mins. I will still use the 45 as a challenge - but all the yoga here is designed for beginners. I'm not affiliated to the company in any way - I just find it a really great workout CD and running mags etc are always suggesting that runners remember to stay limber and supplement their training with yoga!

Monday's fast approaching, maybe tonight I'll go to bed at a sensible hour.

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