Saturday, 13 January 2007

Charity *2, 30th November, 2006

Wow - what a difference. I emailed the RNLI yesterday and 10 hours later I received a fantastic personal email apologising that their standard form has bits that don't apply to me (as I'm running multiple races for the same cause). And telling me all about their running pack - which is fantastic and includes big running plans, t-shirt, vest, and (if I want it) I can borrow a miniature inflatable lifeboat to run in. (As I'm still a bit of a biffer I might not want to draw this much attention to myself ... but it's a great idea for the future!)

I feel so relieved that I've had the determination to change. It feels horrible to leave a charity but these situations have to work two ways. I've filled in the forms, I've set up a shiny new justgiving site and now I really have to train hard. I've committed myself to 4 races for them - so I run a MARATHON distance (... I'm such a wimp) for them and commit myself to 6 months of consistent running. Should be good for their coffers and keep me away from the coffin.

Just had my oatybics - off for a run later (despite the minging weather) - I'll let you all know how I do.

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