Saturday, 13 January 2007

Let's talk about HILLS ba-bee, 10th January, 2007

Today's hill session went so-so. I'm a hard task master and I tend to set myself the target to better every run... a little too demanding.

Today I wanted to tackle hills - but not necessarily do straight repeats as I needed to get another 5k done too. So here's what happened:

0.5miles down hill - turn- 0.5 miles straight back up - a decent hill with two really steep sections and about 0.1 of flattish. 10.34 - delighted with this time.

Keep Running

0.4 miles downhill -turn- 0.6 miles straight back up. This is a much longer straight climb up with no flat/rest sections. One steep bit. 11.10 - manageable time.

Keep Running

Back down and up the first hill. 11.15 - the hills are definitely taking their toll.

0.54 for the last wee bit.

33.54 for a very hilly 5K. Hmmm, don't know if I'm pleased because my recovery time seemed better with each hill section OR disappointed as this is a looooong way from my desired time at the w/end?! I know race conditions are meant to help and being surrounded by a flow of people is meant to makes hills easier - but it would have been satisfying to get a better time for psychological reasons.

I think the hill on Saturday is about 0.8 miles straight up - I'm off to check at map-my-run...

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