Saturday, 13 January 2007

First Race Done!

It's done. The first ever race is done, done, done

The hill was bad but not as bad as last week.

I LOVED running with lots of people, so many it was anonymous.

All my mates were very supportive and it was lovely.

My first ever medal is a thing of beauty.

I might need a nap.

First ever official time:

5K time 0:30:40 (so a few seconds more than I hoped for - but I'm really pleased overall)

Race finish time (as it was 5.2k) 0:31:44
Finisher number 984 (only mildly chastening as there were meant to be over 2000 entrants).

Will bother to describe it all in more detail tomorrow/later.


This feels like a fantastic start to my shiny new blog.
The first real post occurs on the same day as my first real race, loving the symmetry.

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