Tuesday, 30 January 2007

10 days without blogging ... feels like a lifetime.

Hello all.
I've made it through the wilderness of the SECC trade show.
The wilds of London town.
And I have one measly little run to report for all 10 days!

Rest assured (and rest had) something approaching normal service will be resuming any second.

So, the SECC was an excellent experience and I made lots of great jewellery contacts but 4 days on my feet nearly killed me. I did walk about 12 miles over the 4 days though, which is something.

My only other exercise was room (I mean, cupboard) exercise. I managed sit-ups, leg lifts, wall press-ups and a few measly girl-press-ups. It was better than nothing but I really feel like I've eaten my way round Britain for 10 days... holy christ the scales are going to scare me.
After the SECC it was my birthday (another year where wrinkles and grey hairs make too much of an appearance for my liking); so we went out for a massive slap-up feed with some friends.

After the SECC I had a day at home to pack before London so obviously it was time to fit in a nice medium distance run:

On the 25th managed the following run:

5 miles
pace 9.41


Happy as it was my longest run for weeks and weeks. Also I think it's the longest I've ever maintained a sub-10min mile pace! Whooo Hoooo

But then came London. Arrived (we drove as it was easiest and cheapest - ridiculous, makes me furious) and went straight out to dinner at The Cinnamon Club - swanky wonderfulness and amazing food. The next day brekkie out, then tea (sandwiches, cake the whole 9-yards), then tasty tasty tasty Moroccan that evening - all too swiftly followed by Sunday Roast lunch!

I think I might POP!

A long run tomorrow and some serious chilling out/work to be done.

Ooooo - fitted in some lovely clothes and shoe shopping too - spoilt to bits as Birthday Girl.

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