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Shoes or Feet? 22nd November, 2006

Shoes or Feet? 22nd November, 2006

Just a gentle dog walk today. 1.5 miles - does include BIG hill, but still not exactly taxing. The pooches were off lead and ecstatic - running around like little devils.

Feel a bit heavy and lethargic today - hormones not helping me at all. Walking boots felt like lead at the ends of my feet instead of trainers.

Ooohhhh, need to ask a question about trainers. I got mine at a Sweatshop and I tried on about 15 pairs before I got them. I'll give you all a summary of the situation first then ask for the advice:

I cannot wear ASICS as the heel grips too tight. Saucony felt all wrong shape for my feet - too narrow. Brooks were fine (I chose others as I felt they weren't bouncy enough), but I bought NIKE STRUCTURE triax in August. These shoes were all recommended to give me extra structure as I have no cartilage (I do mean this literally) in one ankle. It causes me no real problems (occasional stiffness and a sharp pain if jar it) but support shoes were recommended. The lovely lady shoe fitter did not think I over-pronated but I think after running a lot, I might tilt inward ever so slightly.

I love them, I think they are dead comfy. BUT On my right foot I have one black toe nail (not from pressing the front of the shoe but from it gripping super tight when I walk or run - if I wear Birkenstocks it becomes clear that it's my 'gripping' toe). Also I have one blister on each foot (which after healing and let to become hard skin - stops being a problem). These matching blisters are placed on the inside edge of my foot just where the arch becomes the ball of the foot (but right on the very edge of the foot - just below the usual hard skin).

These blisters only ever occurred after a run of 8miles plus; before that no problems. The black toe nail occurred when I first ran 10k and is still there after about 5 weeks.

So what I need to know is:

Are my shoes wrong - or are my feet just getting used to running?

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