Thursday, 11 January 2007

First run in 6 days..., 28th October, 2006

Well the trainers have been back on, the wicking fabric has wicked, and my legs feel like a steam roller went gently over them.

A rather unfabulous 5K was achieved in 35.37. The first mile was a stonkingly slow 12.50! By the end I'd crept up to 11.15. It was really super tough but I'm glad I went out.

I think my tummy bug has (fingers crossed) finally vanished, but I ate then went for a run 4 hours later which might have been some sort of personal torture. It was a real reminder of how important a level of consistency and nutrition are on a day-by-day basis. It also made it clear to me that I'd rather enjoy my running than my chocolate/chips/insert vice of choice. I'm still trying really hard not to have the extra portion of anything and to make 'good' choices nutritionally and from a lard-ass point of view. The illness has dropped a few lbs from me and now I just have to try and not put them on again - increasing my weekly mileage should help this.

I know now I've only got 11wks until my first race and some serious speed and hill training to do if I want to achieve my goals - it all becomes much clearer after a wee break.

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