Thursday, 11 January 2007

Happy, sunny day to all, 12th October, 2006

Well, the weather didn't let me down today - bloody sunshine, kept running through the trees - faster in the sunny bits so I could get to the blissful, blissful shade again.

Today was going to be a hill run, but "the other" thought the dogs deserved a decent run so we went to our usual forest trail. I thought I might was well try another speed session. Hmmm, still not desperately successful as I ended-up doing a reasonably quick 5k, but not the manic session I was hoping for.

First 1.4 miles (roughly - Orwell was being abused elsewhere) took 15.30. Then on the way back, the mile I know about (measured post-to-gate - very useful indicators) was 10.55 - not exactly sprightly.

Total time was 33.50 for what I believe to be a very accurate 5k. So, I've got 4 mins to cut off this in 3 months - this suggests to me NO PIGGING OUT just because it's xmas/birthdays etc.

Much more excitingly went shopping today for running gear. Oh blissful - thank god for sweatshop! 2 winter running tops for "the other". One pack of Compeed for me, and oh the joy: a wonderful pair of 3/4 length running short/tight things. They are Nike and they are actually gym wear rather than running wear; this means that they wick (like running gear) BUT they have small splits mid-calf which make them super comfy for me. Usually the running 3/4 things fit really well but the elastic round the calf is too tight (I blame my huge manly calves - inherited from my Dad - thanks Dad!).

Happy days - lots of partying to be done this w/end "the other" reaches 30. However we've also got a mass 7mile hike (up a damn big hill) planned - so the cake calories can be burnt off somehow.

Might try and fit in a run tomorrow - just a few hills...

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