Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Personality Tests and some Wednesday Philosophy

Now this is not running related (because I've been a lazy arse and today's run is happening later) but I thought it was interesting. Well, that fabulous internet combination of interesting and utter bollocks.

I took a freebie personality test online

This mammoth 72 question test told me I was type INFJ (to translate, Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judging [only 1% for judging] ). This then led to the following personality types: rational, idealist, artisan, guardian. Also said only 2% came out as INFJ's (including Ghandi and Elanor Roosevelt - don't I feel special).

Now given that I think they are quite right with their judgement about me I now feel more rational and idealistic whilst simultaneously being an artisan and a guardian ....

Hang on here, I was asked questions like: "Are you happy in a crowd?" I think answering "NO" makes me an introvert. But this type of survey doesn't help with self-delusion: If you think you are the life and soul of the party then you'll tick all the appropriate boxes; and get the appropriate results.

So while I think that there's an element of simplistic truth (particularly on the introvert/extrovert level - having seen my friends' results) these tests show nothing apart from how interested we are in personality. It's the only thing that is unique to us. Our genetic makeup is a conglomeration of our parents' own features (ooooh, doesn't she have her father's nose, mother's eyes, etc) but our personality is ours alone.

With that in mind it made me think about blogging, and the nature of blogging. Whilst being an introvert by nature I love the freedom of blogging - much more interesting than keeping a diary that only I will ever look over. Blogging makes me feel like an extrovert because I get to put my thoughts and opinions onto a much larger stage regardless of audience numbers (still seats available at all prices!!!!).

Our collective interest in blogs is not just (in my opinion) linked to niche interests which can now be discussed and written about in much more detail; but it's about personality - we read blogs by people and we see them as whole people, not just bloggers with one agenda and perspective. Our knowledge of human beings fills in the blanks.

I wonder if someone will make a blogger personality test. Are our online personas so very different from our reality? Would I be an extrovert online?

Happy running people - I think my legs have forgotten how.

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