Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I said I'd get better at this ...

I might have lied. Because we love lists, and 'cos they help me to whip through some past events, I'll continue with the catch-up theory. But really, the running is about to ramp up - and so will the mini running related posts!

1. The neighbours did indeed come round for dinner. We mostly talked about killing things, aparantly that's what you do in the country. Feel sorry for the following creatures: squirrels (gray), deer (old), pheasant (stupid), rabbits (food), and crows (of unknown evil).

2. I decided to tile our cloakroom. It was much harder than expected and I was saved from tile-smashing-hell by TheO who did all the tile cutting. It now looks lovely.

3. I got horrible flu. I'm calling it flu as I had a full-on fever, aches, and was utterly miserable. Luckily TheO pampered me with multiple trashy magazines, tasty food and flowers.

4. While I had flu we had no heating. That sucked. We huddled round the fire for 4 days. I now understand why the Victorians had people to carry coal and tend fires.

5. The new trainers I ordered were bollox - I had to send them back as the shiny new update no longer suits my feet.

6. We went to see Stephen K Amos who was bloody brilliant. A show called Find the Funny which was a bizarre mix of pure comedy, sillyness and genuine thoughtfulness.

7.Managed a quick illness recovery (or as I prefer to call it - feeble) gym trip. 1 mile cross trainer 10min on bike 2.5miles, 10 min on arm machine, 40 sit ups.

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