Tuesday, 3 February 2009

So, 30!

The day has now come and gone. I'm 30 (although I refused to admit that to the running machine in the gym yesterday), a bit of a surprise really as 21 seems only a few years back.

To celebrate in full style we went to Abstract in Edinburgh. This was after much research, and it was quite lovely but ultimately disappointing.
1. It took 4h and 20min for a meal - and that's not including the time before as we arrived early and had a drink.
2. Not enough sense of occasion and pizazz for the money.
3. Generally they pissed me off as you want it to be all about the food, and it's not as you're starving and just delighted that they've fed you.

However, all our friends were in fine form and managed to stay good humoured, but that might have been the booze. I was also showered with fabulous gifts - something that makes any night go well in my opinion.

After dinner TheO and I took a wander down to the Grassmarket and got a rickshaw back to our hotel (staying the night was a little treat so I could lie around and do my hair for some considerable time that avo whilst TheO ran around Edinburgh trying to find me appropriate gifts).

We then collapsed into the 8 foot bed. No really, 8 feet. I'd already explored the huge shower and free-standing bath. Our pooches were more than delighted by their beds and bowls.

My last presents were opened after midnight but well worth the wait. TheO outdid herself. She knows that I have a magpie eye. A desire for things that STANDOUT and scream luxury, things that mean "no guts:no glory" when it comes to dressing. So she bought me (as well as many other wonderful gifts; bks, perfume, Jeans, embroidered top, gym bag):

And, and I tell you - the matching bag. (For the bag imagine the brightest, shiniest thing you've ever seen - then double it. ;-) ) It is stunning (almost literally), and large enough to be used and makes any outfit have that incredible edge. I might start to drool just writing about it.

Now as everyone knows I love shoes. But I was initially scared of these. I don't wear v high heels (these are 4.5"), I don't wear strappy shoes as I'm not the thinnest person, and I don't wear open toes usually as I have little toes. I thought they might look horrid on me so I didn't want to fall in love with them. I put them on. It was love at first step. I'd always read about starlets and film stars saying that Manolos or Jimmy Choos were sooo comfortable even though they were high. I always thought they were just talking nonsense. They aren't - they are the mutts nutts. They make me squeal with joy. They are the ultimate one in the eye to practicality; they are all about the fabulous - just what is needed at big birthday time.

I considered having some 'thoughts on 30' for this post but really. What can I say about 30? I've only been 30 for a matter of days and I've barely worked out what I think about my 20s - I may need to leave it considerably longer.
I could continue to catch-up and say what a great time we had meeting up with friends, about our trip to London and the wonderful music at the service, about a good exhibition, 2 Chinese meals in one night, and a CB w/end were we stayed up until 3am (unprecedented at this age); but I wont, we need to get things back on track and stop the giant catch-ups. I will say a huge thanks to RF and Wheeler who made sure our dogs lived and were happy pooches on our return.
Now I did make one large life change for 30. Trousers. It might sound more than a bit odd but I've never worn trousers. I didn't own any. Jeans and a vast variety of skirts but no trousers, ever! I have now seen the light - they are the item that was missing in my wardrobe, the item that manages to take things from ordinary to smart/casual. Also age does sometimes call for a more structured look. It's too easy for me to look scruffy as that is my usual bent - jeans, mud, dog hair - old t-shirts layered into multiple mismatches. Scruffy can be cute but can also be bumpkinish - and that is never a good look.

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