Saturday, 14 February 2009

Much like an old dog ...

... who gets a little left out when a new puppy comes along - my blog has been neglected for that little up-start twitter. Damn those easy 140 character posts (*cough* I mean tweets).

Soooo - apart from pictures of snow and the 1970s do I have anything to report? Well, yes indeed I do.

The 7th saw the most perfectly clear day so I headed out with my new Innov8 shoes. And here are the stats you've missed so much:
4 miles to PVS and back.
1 - 9.18
2 - 9.21
3 - 9.46
4 - 10.10

4m - 38.37

All pretty flat. Bit icy on last mile.
First 2 miles were incredible. That feeling of the world melting away, a crisp sunny day and suddenly all is right with the world. You feel like you're flying without even having to try. Just magical, the reason I fell for running in the first place.
3rd mile ok, 4th mile much harder than expected - really need to keep running outside - there is no substitute.

The shoes were marvellous - full post about them soon. And other related shoe news!

That night we went to see Rock God and The Professor as RG was cooking me a meal for my birthday as we hadn't been able to meet up on the day. (V sweet suggestion.) I'd been asked (weeks ago) about my favourite food and hadn't really thought much of it... then all became clear.

Scallops and black pudding on a bed of Colcannon with basil infusion drops and a drizzle of pumpkin seed oil.
Venison and dauphinoise with kale and a red wine jus
Baked chocolate and raspberry cheesecake with cream with Edradour cream liqueur in it.

Now, not only was this a GREAT set of food for me it was all cooked incredibly well, like restaurant well! Kudos to Rock God. There was also insanely good chat that covered several gamuts from atheism to transgender, with a bit of politics thrown in for good measure.

I fell asleep a little heavier than the day started - god damn that cheesecake and its irresistibly.

On waking Prof ushered me into her study to show me my present. The lovely lady has [edit: given me a fab gift which for reasons of her own she prefer me not to discuss. She is CrAzY.]
The rest of the week passed in a flurry of moving boxes. We're almost there. The boiler room is now almost how it should be. I discovered another 3 boxes of my stuff that I have to flick though and decide I really don't want. More of my workshop is set-up now. We've decided on what the workshop will eventually be, and found a great company to do it. Our neighbour - lets call her Athena - has all the skills and knowledge to help up take down the old shed and build a concrete base. (?!)

All of the above info from Athena came becuase she took TheO skiing on the 11th. They headed up to Glenshee and I emptied the sun room of all its crap - including a huge marble plant stand I had to move in 3 trips even with a trolley! I also got Valentine's orders made and sent off. V productive for once.

In return for the skiing we (I mean TheO) made supper for us all. All I could say at the end of my heavy lifting day was "Show me the gin and tonic!" Luckily my skills run to making gin and tonic for all.

Yesterday I braved the snow and went to the gym for my first ever organised exercise class. I chose circuits as I watched them last week and decided it would be the perfect combo of really goddamn hard but I wouldn't die/embarrass myself.

We did the following:
5 min warm-up just me on elliptical machine 19/5 - pre class.

7min running machine 6.3/6.4
6min elliptical machine 19/7

1min each:
standing lunges 1.5kg weight each arm
plank - did manage to hold it the whole time but if was arm shakingly tough.
seated chest press
straight arm pull down
lateral pull
back extension (on ball)
step ups
tricep dips
then 30sec on each of the above!

6min arm bike

elastic rope thing
bicep curls
arm raises
tricep pulls

5 min cool down on bike

I survived and it was the best workout I've had in a while. I always neglect my arms.
As I discovered this morning I neglect my arms a lot. I had difficulty moving or raising them above my shoulders. A day's (and man I was lazy, it literally took me all day as I kept footering) hard cleaning has made me all ache, but look forward to tomorrow when Ceegar and Meeper join us. Valentine's day? A romantic and couple-y time? Don't be daft.

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