Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My new baby - and some running.

Well, the day has finally come. I got to say goodbye to my faithful old iMac. She was a fat bottomed beauty when she first arrived but now she's showing her age (I wasn't aware of how much age until I transferred), both dementia and arthritis were making her final days a bit difficult.

So here's *the new hottness* in all her glory.

I may have sworn a little with gratitude as I realised thank god I ordered the smallest possible one - she's huge and sleek. I might call her Agynes or Lily or some other super-model suitable epithet.

Let us also not talk about me letting the two computers talk to each other then setting up a new account and being sad that everything I wanted hadn't transferred... you know, becuase it was JUST SITTING THERE in the old account. Duh.

Now as much as I love new technology this will demonstrate how much I love running:
Monday morning, I knew after a weekend of indulgence and a real lack of running I had to finally do a run longer than 10K. I had my 3 slices of toast and planned my (v dull and flat route). 10min before I decided to head up-stairs and put on the running kit the computer arrived (a day earlier than expected). I STILL WENT FOR A RUN.

7 miles in 1.11.20 (avg. 10.12)
Not fast but not too shabby, I'm prepared to accept it.
It felt like the first day of spring (my dashboard assures me the temperature will half by Sunday), the birds were singing, the grass was green, there was definitely joy in my heart.

At 3 miles this joy had turned to hate. Really, add another 23 miles to this! Am I frickin crazy, no one has ever run that far - this is just mental.
Luckily by the time I got back I was thinking that while it was a bit slower than I would like, 9 miles might not have killed me. Weird but true.

It did feel great to finally start building up the miles. Can't wait to get some new trainers organised too (should be getting some free as blogging swag - also need to return the over-large Nike's and get some an appropriate size ... some that don't eat socks!)

Toodle pip for now.

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