Friday, 16 January 2009

Honestly, I'll get better at this blogging lark.

Since we last met many days ago much has occurred.

1. The drains have been fixed (finally) .. did I already mention?
2. The chimney sweep has swept everything.
3.RF and Wheeler and MiniMe came up to ours on Friday and we ate much, talked much, then headed north (and I mean, North) the next morning to fair Brora (a lot North of Inverness, and a little south of Wick) for a whimsical w/end.

This whimsey occurred as TheO said one day: "Do you want to go to Wick, I'd like to see a motorbike there." Me, with my new attitude of saying 'Yes' instead of, 'Oh no, I couldn't possibly I need to tidy something and make sure the books are aligned properly', said "Yes!"(More evidence of that new strategy later.). She then got on t'internet and we eventually found us somewhere to stay (any site that popped up playing 'Scottish Music' was instantly closed, as was any hotel swathed in tartan, or anywhere that just looked shite - and my god, there were a lot of those.).

This whimsey led to excellent walks on a lovely beach (cue happy dogs), a pool to play in (cue happy everyone), mountain biking (cue happy but muddy TheO, Wheeler, MiniMe)... oh and some people went off and looked at a bike. RF summed the bike expedition up nicely by asking of the bike: "what colours does it come in?" Got to love a girl cutting to the chase on that one.

4.Since getting back I have discovered that due to idiots at Amazon refusing to deliver a particular item to a Scottish Island I have lost all my Auntie/Godmutha points as Wrecker therefore lacked a bday gift. I think he might not realise, but his mother will. Eeeek.

5.I have also run 4 miles (in the gym as I am lazy and only get round to running when it's getting dark and love the sauna afterwards) in what I thought was my fastest ever time (35.03) only to get back and be sadly mistaken. Ah well, it was still 4 sub-9-min miles on the trot (all at 1%) so I'm still pleased.

6.Ordered some new trainers - just new versions of my old ones and discovered that they've changed them sooo much that they no longer fit my feet. I am heart broken. I now have to go to a running shop and go through the whole process again. Damn. It is both dull and fraught with the possibility of expensive mistakes.

7. GONE SHOPPING. Oh yes, the proper kind of shopping. Not a trip to Tescos shopping. But shiny things in shiny bags from shop assistants with asymetric hair and 'edgy' clothes. This is where my saying 'yes' leads me.

Now I will admit that saying 'yes' to shopping is not a leap, not even for me. But I am not good without planning. Today TheO asked over breakfast if I wanted to go into the delightful Edinburgh and exchange my Christmas present (it was lovely, but not something I was going to use). I brushed myself up (wearing an outfit, rather than clothes, I've heard tell that people in urban areas do that sort of thing) for fear of looking in changing room mirrors and despairing at every glance, and we headed into town.

Man am I glad I said 'yes' to that trip. I am now the proud owner of some truly fabulous items. So fabulous and so wonderful some cannot be discussed (as I will unveil one for my bday). But others so perfect for me that I sit in a pool of wonder and delight right now. (That sounds both suspicious and more disgusting than I originally intended.)

A great cotton print dress that is both stylish and relaxed.
A fab top/jumper/garment that flows and hides flaws whilst being a little edgier than your average jumper/top/garment.
The unspoken of wonderfulness!
A brilliant green (and by this I do mean bright-fuckoff-green) aline mac.
My Christmas present swap of a lovely leather box for my desk which holds all the various cards I use to write to people.
I am very much Christmased and Birthdayed to the max. :-)

We also managed to fit in a coffee and some antipasto snacks in a rooftop cafe. It really was a day that filled my idea of perfection.

Tomorrow night we have the neighbours coming round for supper. Something else I said yes too (albeit with slight reluctance as I am really a shy recluse at heart).

And on one final note, after trying on lots (and lots) of clothes today I think that despite some evidence I might be a (worse case senario) apple, or (more realistically) a brick, I think I'm really a goblet*. Well, in my heart I'm a goblet and if I pretend I am, then I can, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn 'Make it Work'.**

*For all those who finally think I've lost the plot a £2.81 hard back copy of Trinny & Suzanna's (evil, evil women who think that a man talking to your tits is acceptable as then you've managed to 'make the best of yourself') Body Shape Bible appeared in our house (courtesy of Amazon and the Postman) and I perused it with too much interest.
**Please tell me I'm not the only viewer of Project Catwalk.

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