Monday, 9 February 2009

When everything was orange

There is now evidence that everything in the 1970s (this was v v early 1980s) was orange. The floor, the curtains, the chair (really, have a close look - it is stylin'), the kitchen, my great grandmother's rinse; and let us not forget the v early PC attempt at a Gollywog* Yes indeed, my Golly could not have caused offence to any person of colour. Possibly done as an anti-Irish statement, it could not have been any paler - or more ginger.

I need it to be known that I HATED those dungarees.

Also, there is a lot of talk in the press about children being wrapped up in cotton wool and protected now. People say that 'just didn't happen when we were children' - and here's the proof: I'm less than 2 years old and I am casually playing with a box of matches. Got to love that 1970s parenting.

*Used with no intent to offend in any way - only used as a description of toys we may have been given as children (when we knew no better) in an less than enlightened age!


MF said...

Feckin' hilarious! Everything was indeed Orange (I probably have corroborative proof somewhere...). Genius!

Seshat said...

I'm sure there's a photo of me somewhere being dragged around the garden by an uncontrolled chainsaw.