Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Running, something I do still do occasionally.

Whilst I'm pleased with my time. I'm not pleased with my body. I ran yesterday and my legs hurt like hell today (particularly walking up and down stairs). It was only 5 miles and I did push it, but I didn't think 20 days (eeek) without a run would turn me from runner to ache-er.

5 miles on the treadmill (as it's cold, wet and horrid) at 1% in 46.27 (an average of 9.18p/m) - a time which turns out to be my best time ever for 5 miles. I'm delighted by this, it makes really pushing it worth while. It was good to be able to run that distance/time but my legs definitely told me they were not up to scratch. My hip bursitis also raised it's ugly head - but luckily that hurt has gone now.

Today I was heading up into Angus I could pass a real running shop. After the shoe disappointment that was discovering the hideous changes Nike had made to my favourite shoes - I needed to try on everything again. Everything. Ascics too tight and weird, Adidas too tiny in width, Sauncony too wide in the heel, Mizuno lovely fit but the size was either perfect for walking or too big - but I would consider them again. What did I end up with - just guess. Yet another kind of Nike. This time the Zoom Vomero 3. Top level cushioning and a great fit with excellent width. I'm delighted, and quite pleased to be back in Nikes as I know how they work for me. Luckily there's a lot of silver here - but lime green, really. Ick.

I also went all out and got some wet weather shoes. They are beautiful and so comfortable I might wear them more than I should. They are not waterproof but have much higher water strips than ordinary trainers and much thicker grip so will do for mild ice and wet road runs and trains in woodlands. So pretty.
With these 2 options I have no excuse for not lacing up and actually getting out there and doing some miles. I've got a marathon to run goddamnit!

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