Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Why I am a bad runner.

I was given What I talk about when I talk about running by Harki Murakami by a (non-running) friend. They thought what with the running, and the thinking, I might just enjoy it. They were right - there was a little bit of ramble but generally it is a fine read, though I'd normally only recommend it to runners.

There is one quote that really stood out for me, a quote which made me realise what's not so great about me as a runner. Murakami writes his thoughts (just prior to a triathalon):
... once more I'm struck by how pitiful and pointless this little container called ME is, what a lame, shaby being I am. I feel like everything I've ever done in life has been a total waste.

Now whilst I really do have my own huge cupboard full of hang-ups and weirdness it is the feeling that running gives me that makes me love it so. It is the oposite of the above - when I start a race or a long run (and especially when it is completed) I am awed by how incredible the human body is, how the muscles work, how the body feels like it is doing what it is meant to do! I feel like I could achieve anything, like all possibilites are tangible, they can be made real.

If I felt like Murakami I might be considerable thinner and faster. Maybe it's that feeling of wonder that holds me in my present lard-encased form. Or maybe it's just a love of cake.

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