Wednesday, 20 June 2007

You know how something can be a BAD IDEA ... ?

Well, today was interesting (yesterday wasn't and involved no exercise and mucho work). My appointment with the podiatrist was fascinating. That damn accident years ago seems to have buggered me up right royally. One leg is significantly longer than the other now and has been over-compensating for my 'damaged' leg - hence the pain and what I now know are puffy ankles. The doctor had misdiagnosed. It was /is not ligament damage but the evidence of supination - that weird and freakish opposite to pronation. Orthotics are the answer (yes, many of my fine British pounds will be winging her way).

So after that (at dawn), work done, friend arrives, terrible storm clears up into the most beautiful day, walk dogs (take poor golden to the vet as she has her own exercise related injury which keeps recurring and made her very sad and blue today), go for a run, play on the beach and eat fondue. Bloody fantastic.

The run was the BAD IDEA - I knew I deserved a rest from weight bearing sport but my friend needed to go for a run and as she's only visiting for a few days .... you know how it goes. Our route was about a mile and a half along the coastal path from St. Andrews and back again. Never again will I curse concrete. This rocky, grassy, nettle infested, hilly, pit of hell was not what my poor feet needed. My 5th metatarsal is officially kyboshed on the right foot and has been iced and needs serious rest. The uneven surface was just a run too far.

I was trying not to be a wimp despite having to walk for many bits as it was too rough to run (we averaged 13.30 min miles - for 3 miles), but it hurt. And whilst Chopper is a friend, she's not someone I've known for long enough to show weakness infront of. I wanted to say: "damn it, I run through blisters and stitches and toe nails being wrenched off through sheer force but this bloody well hurts". I didn't - I'm a wimp and suffering because of it. Think this is the final nail in the coffin of the half. I'll keep my fitness up - and start slowly with the new orthotics when they arrive... maybe just a few wee runs to keep me going?

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Rae! said...

I hope you feel better.Other than that it sounds like you had a good day.