Thursday, 14 June 2007

Enlightenment - but not as we know it.

Hmm, an interesting and frustrating experience. Was told I should have made a bio-mechanical assessment appointment. Told the lovely therapist I asked for a sports specialist and made clear it was a sports injury when I called, three and a half weeks ago!

Initial assessment was hilarious. I am slightly knock kneed (I knew that) and I may have some weird fore foot problems, possibly caused (and here it gets really really weird) by my wearing SENSIBLE SHOES. I'm often barefoot and spend most of my time in Birkenstocks or clogs; this whilst sounding eminently sensible, has actually allowed my feet too much freedom. I am furious that mother nature didn't put me together a bit better. Seriously, was she using left overs when she got to my feet.

My feet are ridiculous. They are exceptionally square and wide with tiny teeny weeny little ickle toes. Seriously, they barely do anything, I'm not even sure I need them for balalce. So, after the hilarity I was informed that I land EXTREMELY heavily and don't rotate the way I should. My fore-feet aren't doing their job. But my proper assessment is at 8.10 next Wednesday morning. I was delighted she could fit me in but jehsus - 8.10 in the morning on a treadmill while 2 people stare at you - I can't wait.

At this point anyone with medical training should stop reading as the stupidity of people who: give you money for advice, then ignore you; should not be under-estimated. I asked if I could run. She said she probably wouldn't but if I wanted to then to go ahead and build up slowly. Maybe 10min here and there and building up ... but stopping if I felt any pain. So I went to the gym and did 5k in 30min. Not what she had in mind. But hell, it didn't hurt and I'm delighted - even if it was incredibly hard and I can't really imagine doing a 10K right now, let alone a 1/2.

So - happy days are here, I'll just have to force myself to take it slooooowwwwllllyyyyyy.

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Joggerblogger said...

Ewwwww odd toes ;-)

hope the running build up works for you :-)