Sunday, 3 June 2007

Can you tell it's Sunday?

I know, multiple posting - it must be Sunday. (Look up to corner of computer, check it really is Sunday. TICK)

*Please read the warning.

Soooo, my wonderful friend The Professor took me geocaching yesterday. Click to find out all about the wonderfulness. Seriously, if you enjoy a good walk and have a gps it totally ROCKS. We went lovely walk nearby, taking 4 dogs, and found what we were looking for, swapped "treasure" and generally had a great time. It gives you something to do, a little spice to a pasta flavoured walk.

I recommend it highly. Especially to runners who might head past these spots on a run anyway.
It feels quite geeky but in a hip and modern way. I hadn't even heard of it before. She did start with the warning -"Can I tell you about something you might find really addictive?"

Off to find my next cashe (or do the ironing).

*Seriously, this can be very addictive. If you already have too many things to fill up the brief moments of *spare* time when you could be hugging your children or eating something tasty, don't read on ... you have been warned.


Joggerblogger said...

geocaching is cool :-) haven't done it much but I did enjoy it.

Kate said...

Very cool. We just got a hand-held garmin and we're going to have to try it. I didn't know about it before. Thanks.

By the way...Hello and happy Juneathon.

- Kate :)

warriorwoman said...

Oh no, I have just stumbled across this post and now I'm sitting with the GPS on my lap marking local geocaches. And it's raining! I'm now going to have to add pen and handheld gps unit to my already extensive running clobber.