Thursday, 7 June 2007

Day 7 - on the up & up

Sooo, despite having lots of work to do, today I mostly procrastinated.

Got more happy commissions which is brilliant, especially as they are unusual and challenging.

But I also spent 100 minutes on the elliptical machine. Think it was about 9 miles as I was going quite slowly,the hill level was at 2/15 so it was that nice, long, slow run with no hills. Means I'm just about on the level for my half training... keep wondering what it might feel like when I'm actually running again. How does fitness really hold up? Am I really going to be able to do long runs again soon? Answers on a comment please. :)

No weights on the arms - they are knackered after the gym yesterday. As I complained to TheO this morning, "I've buggered my buttering muscles!" To clarify - there is a certain bit of tricep that hurts when trying to butter toast the morning-after-the-gym-before.

Read Grand Designs and listened to radio4 - doesn't feel so much like exercise when I'm doing other things at the same time, almost miss the wonderfully concentrated exercise feeling.

Mild ache in arch but not ankle about 1/2 way through - but it passed.
Weird ache in the right knee on starting - but it soon passed.

SINGING: We're all off to sunny Spain (despite Madrid being forecast for rain the whole w/end) viva Espana.


londonjogger said...

have a great time in madrid and keep up the good work. if you bump into baceks tell him thanks for the assists on weds night :)

londonjogger said...

that should say becks ...LOL

pammieruns said...

Hello Sam
Thanks for visiting my blog. How are things 100 minutes on the epilator is some achievement, mindblowing fabtastic.

Yuor blog is very impressive


Rae! said...

Have a great time!!!