Saturday, 2 June 2007

Quick summary before Juneathon

May 28th
A tough 10k on "tha-machine" (An Horizon Andes 500 if anyone cares).
6.2 miles in 64 min and 20 seconds; thereby having a 10.20 min/mile pace overall.

Slow as all get-out but there's something unbearably hard about running on the machine, the action isn't quite what nature intended. I had an extra 1kg strapped to each wrist to give the arms a bit of additional workout.

Mild ache in foot arch after about 3 miles but it was temporary and went away quickly; especially when placing more wight on the outside of my foot. Hmm. interesting.

May 29th
2 miles on the elliptical in 20.40 - very weird motion but hurts not at all - excellent
5 min on the rowing machine
Then all the usual weights - it was an EXCELLENT work out. I'm beginning to think this not-running lark might be good for me.*

Not really - but a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE helps.

May 31st
20 excellent lengths in the pool - should have been more but TheO was knackered after their (swanky, show-off) triathlon training yesterday. But did follow it up with a 45min dog walk up the hill.

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