Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Day 5 discoveries

So, don't you just hate it when you step on the scales in the morning only to discover that you've PUT ON 2lb despite being on a bit of a diet.... and doing loads of exercise, and eating lots of fruit as snacks, and there's no 'hormonal reason' for the sudden gain?

*Hmmm - today I therefore slacked much in the work department; but fulfilled my Juneathon
obligations by combining some wonderful dog walking (they were sooooooo happy) with finding what I consider to be my 'home' cashe. It was a fantastically misty day with no good views from the huge hill - felt like we were wandering round a Lord of The Rings set, fabulous!

Then went into town to stock up on tiny little plastic bottles so I can travel with only handbaggage (with the new super-strict 100ml limit per item) and try finding another cashe. I failed. I scrabbled round in horrid gorse bushes and came away with nothing, except the ridiculing looks of the trussed-up golfers. Booo Hiiisssssss (However it was an additional walk to add to my Juneathon exercise for the day.)

Thanks to all those leaving lovely comments (good to know it's not just me sweating...).
And I do intend on keeping my Juneathon commitment. Friday I can exercise before we go. I'm taking my pocket yoga card with me so that's one or two days and we've got plans for a HUGE walk... I think I've got it covered. (Unless I spend all my time wearing hug sunglasses, sitting in cafes, looking at art and being slightly tipsy.)

*(Weird - a bit of text had jumped up to the line above and was completely out of context.
All ok now though.)

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Joggerblogger said...

I thinkk I'd go for option B for the holiday - sounds fun.