Thursday, 28 June 2007

I'm back

I return from the tour of Scotland's finest whisky distilleries in quite merry form. Lots of work was done today :) and I managed my fastest EVER 5K in the gym. 27.56 a new best.

Ate lots while away but my new found muscles seem to be burning it off (either that or the scales will suddenly creak and groan as the fat mysteriously materialises days after the fact).

It was a good jaunt, as usual TheO has amply filled in all the details should anyone want details of any distillery in Scotland (ok - only 7). I would tell you about THEBESTHOTELEVER but it's too nice to let anyone know where it is. The price was buttock clenchingly high but the food, bed, view and ambience were incredible. They have their own pastry chef who even makes their own croissants and pain au chocolate in the morning - I would have moved in - in a second.

Despite holiday blues on return I am quite excited by life right now. Work is crazy (which given that I run my own business - is nothing but a good thing), my running is a joy, my new orthotics arrive next week, and TheO is in a lovely disposition. The pooches have just been clipped so are delightfully fresh smelling and sleek; and a good friend visits for a few days tomorrow night. The three dogs arriving for their holidays is the only aspect which makes me grimace slightly. A house with 2 crazy cockers, a standard poodle, a poodle puppy, and a grumpy old lab-cross does not a peaceful home make!

Hope everyone has had a good few days - I'll catch up with all the blogs soooooon.

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