Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Eve of enlightenment. (Or before a nice lady tells me to give her many of my fine Scottish pounds in return for some weird bits of plastic.)

As JoggerBlogger suspects I may indeed be "going for it". Over the last 2 days all I can think about is that damn Half (that winks and blinks at me from the side-bar)!

It's about right though. That 2 week-ish nervousness and excitement is beginning to build. Which is, in retrospect/with foresight, really stupid - given that I haven't even been told I can run yet. I even spent longer than necessary plotting the route into Map-My-Run; and shuddering at the thought of the last 4 miles all being unrelentingly UP HILLL.

But hey-ho - I keep thinking about my 'first run' since having this hiatus and it's so exciting. All the additional exercise (I went to the gym and did a super fast circuit session, Ooooo me buttering muscles are not going to thank me) has made me feel on TOP form. Work is good, my wee holiday was good, TheO is having an adorable phase (cough, cough, obviously I mean, "being adorable - as usual"), and the dogs are happy. Busy months stretch ahead of me - lets just hope I can keep up with the pace.

Juneathon day 13 - completed.

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