Saturday, 30 June 2007

Emotionally challenged.

Hmmm I seem to have been a bit lax about this Juneathon thing of late.
Managed a wonderful beach walk - including paddle - with high heels, the dogs and TheO on Friday. I think we managed to pluck the best out of the weather - it's now thoroughly minging.

Today was a little more successful - if weird.
0.5 mile run from the house to the quarry - 10min wandering about searching for yet another damn geocache which I didn't find :(- then I started my run proper:
2.8 miles - 2 of which were uphill - then TheO appeared and stated that they'd like to go for a bit of a run ... I was having a horrible time so gladly got into the car for a wee break as we drove somewhere sensible.

Then 2 miles in 20.55 min with TheO along a lovely back road with only a gentle rise.

4.86 miles in 51.23
average pace 10.35 (not including the 0.5mile at the start)
9.00 0.88 of a mile

Didn't enjoy it today, legs feel it, might be coming down with a cold (damn friend visiting gave it to me) - that always makes my muscles ache more than they should.

Stopping to look for the geocache was a BIG mistake. I know now I need to set off - keep running - and finish. Pace was OK not too bad, not good, but I just couldn't settle. Leave geocaching for a separate time.

It is official. I'm just not up to 13miles tomorrow. The half will have to wait.
I need to have a few weeks of regular running again, and to get used to hard surfaces before I embark on anything long.

Thanks for all the support - I don't know why every things been so UP and down at the minute.

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