Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sunday Philosophy - Respecting the distance.

I do 'get' marathon running. I don't want to do it personally, but I understand the drive to cross the finish line for the longest distance regularly race-able. If you've tried the others - why not go that extra MASSIVE step? (Because it's crazy ....... obviously.)

Having taken part in the Edinburgh Half and watched the Edinburgh Marathon there's a huge difference in how people respect the distance.
At the very start of the half there were people using a run-walk strategy; I saw loads of them within the first 2omin. I almost find it unbelievable that someone would attempt a half marathon without being able to run consistently for 30min. But, each to their own: their goals and achievements are just as important to them as mine are to me. I don't want faster runners putting me down so why judge those run-walkers?

The contrast watching the Marathon was striking. We were standing at mile 7/8 and also at the end. At mile 7/8 we saw no one walking who was taking part in the full marathon (several relay people - who'd only done a mile by that point were walking). Also, at the end (we had a good view of the last mile or so) the only people walking were those who were injured and in pain; loads of people looked in great shape ... it was phenomenal. [I do realise that even regular marathoners' do take walk breaks sometimes, when necessary - this is NOT what I am talking about. I am talking about setting out without the aim to run-it-all.]

I suppose my point (if I really have one) is that I love running a Half. It feels like a massive but surmountable challenge. It's something I never even dreamt of being able to do and I would like people to show the distance the respect necessary. (Can you tell I have marathon running friends?)

Ok, enough ranting - two weeks without a run is obviously getting to me. I'm now thinking narky thoughts about those who can run and don't necessarily always make the most of it.

So, here's the secret: I'm trying to keep up my fitness and the distance on the elliptical machine just in case the MAGICDOCTOR tells me next week I can run the 1/2 on the first of July. TheO would be furious if they found out: No running for 8 weeks means NO RUNNING FOR 8 WEEKS in their book. Even if everything I've read online would imply that 8 weeks with no running for a possible ligament injury would be v v unusual.

Alrighty - time to sign off. Must get work done, bins out, house cleaned, dogs walked, food somethinged, and maybe even a little leg stretched on tha-machine.


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