Monday, 11 June 2007

Thunder & Lightening

Wow - what a mad 4 days.
Thursday night was woken and kept awake by a huge thunder storm that rolled around the roof of our house for 2 hours. Poor golden dog was beside herself, she just couldn't escape it, so instead she chose to punch us in the head until we awoke and comforted her.
Friday morning came down to switch everything on after the power-cut and my computer would no longer connect to the internet. It didn't even recognise that it had an ethernet port anymore. It's a Mac. Nothing ever goes wrong - but when it does (last injury was a lightening strike that took out the internal modem on an iBook) it's bloody impossible to find someone to fix it. So spent the morning intermittently packing, crying (it was the final straw - there's so much work on at the minute I didn't need to go away for 4 days and then come back to no-email) and calling various technical support companies (none of whom dealt with Macs).
Came home today - hot hot hot - and tried a BT Home Hub that they sent me free* and discovered to my joy and rapture that everything is up and running again, only the modem got fried. Although I have to question why ANYTHING got fried considering I spent mediocre bucks on a surge protection bar.

But onto matters more important, the Juneathon:
Friday did sod all exercise. (Using my joker.)
Saturday spent a minimum of 4 hours walking round galleries and wonderful streets.
Sunday a good few hours walking through parks and trailing around to find tapas on the one night of the week when Maridians go to bed.
Today - an hour and a half gallery walking (but quite frankly not much really).
Back to the elliptical tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone had a good w/end.
*Irony is I thought it would be tricky to set up. It was easy-peasy and it's faster than my old modem.

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Joggerblogger said...

:-) good fix! the probably would have charged a wedge to fix it. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.