Friday, 4 January 2008

Just about holding grumpy at bay.

Despite managing to use the wonderful new Garmin (drooool) on the 29th - a delightful 5K up past the quarry (29.50 - yippee) - I cannot upload the data as my computer's operating system is too old. Boo. Never mind, I'll update it, at some point.

It's been a bit hectic here. Sis in Law with Islander and the boys couldn't make it back to the Island due to Godson having a febrile convulsion (fever fit in a baby) whilst still in Malta. So they were with us and Highheels and Teech. HH and Teech really were great with Archie - they put up with a mammoth amount of Monster Rumble on the Playstation. (Great games for wee ones but a bit mind numbing after 15 rounds!!!) They may never breed though.

Everyone managed to be fed and watered at appropriate times (a miracle as we did the shopping about 5min before they all turned up). I think everyone had a good time - New Year was delightfully understated and full of games.

Yesterday I did manage a paltry 40min on the elliptical machine. It was nasty. Boring. And, for some sins I swear I don't remember committing, I decided to do it on a hill. The gradient oscillated between 4 and 7 (out of 15) - something I've never done before - it hurt.

This New Year malarkey has put me in a bit of a funk though. It might be the cold. It might be the dark. It might be being so damn busy, and stressed, about important bits of work to get done. It might be the feeling that having worked hard this year I'm still skint at the end of it. It definitely gives a nagging sense of a lack of achievement. I want to start the year with a bang but it all feels a bit wimpery. I also feel horribly hormonal (always helpful when added to the other general bleurghhh-ness). Maybe this year I'll manage to turn it all around.

Looking back at 2007 - it' really was a pretty amazing year.
I went to my first Trade Event (and survived).
TheO and I decided to make our ramshackle partnership legal (she's a fool for accepting this albatross).
I ran my first Half Marathon.
My work was stocked in galleries for the first time.
Went on trips to Madrid, and Malta and Skye and York.
My liver survived TWO whisky tours. And I learnt to like whisky after the second.
We went on an incredible trip to Iceland.
I saw some extremely good friends tie the knot.
We discovered a great hotel - or two ... maybe three.
I applied to run my first Marathon.
I was accepted for my first exhibition.

It doesn't look too bad when listed all together. And I love my life so much; I am fully aware that I am, quite possibly, the luckiest girl in the world. Which makes me all the more irritated with myself when this type of whinging funk descends.

I though this funk was passing - I managed to get a fair bit done today. Stuff to post off tomorrow. Bits and pieces to work on - all going well so far. However, I thought I'd check my credit card account online. It's an account I never use. The card has never left my house. I was idly checking to see if my Edinburgh Marathon application had been processed (yes, yes, I'm checking 20 days early - but you never know). I'm damn glad I did - some utter bastard has charged £120 to my account in bloody bus fares to Birmingham. So, cancelled card, and tomorrow the fight starts to prove it wasn't me. This DOES NOT IMPROVE MY MOOD or my fecking bank balance.


The Professor said...

:( Have a hug. Don't be so hard on yourself, you've been working your guts out lately so think of all you got done and go for my patented Fingers-in-Ears- whilst-singing-La-La-La about the lack of financial reward.

Plus the credit card is likely to create psychosis, did in me anyway. Mostly from the people you talk to. Repeat after me "No I was NOT in Turkey on Tuesday". ; )

Ruth said...

Oh no, that's such a bugger about your card. Just the hassle of sorting it out - boo. Poor you.

But your list of achievements is fab! Especially being accepted for an exhibition - did I know about that? Sounds both artistic and professional.

SAM said...

Blessings upon you,
Made me smile just to have comments.
Then I read them - awwww feel a bit better now.

Cuppa Queen said...

Yes, what is it about New Year that gets you in a funk! I just started blogging too (shameless trailer, sorry! - have a look if you have a mo) and that's sort of where my head was. But be proud of all you've done cos it kicks ass and hey we get to climb a mini-mountain (OK, OK, hill but it sounds good) and eat yummy scran tomorrow! You'll be able to prove you weren't in Brum I'm sure - take a look at your Switch transactions cos they often prove you were buying shopping in Tesco or whatever.

PS. What is a Gremlin, or Gromin or whatever it is when it's at home?