Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Weights and frustration.

Over the last few days I've been working. Really working. My labours are paying off but time for exercise has been limited. So yesterday when TheO suggested a wee trip to the gym I jumped at the chance. All I needed to do was an hour's running. That would set me back on track.

Arrived at the gym to be told we could only have 1/2h as it was shutting at 6.15 - utterly randomly and without reason. But, you know how it is, you're there - and half an hour is better than nothing at all. Went in. The running machines were all being used. One by a larger lady who had it set to high gradient and was pacing her way towards better health. The other two were being used by women in 3/4 leggings and fleeces (fleeces!!!) who were walking. On the flat. One had a steady pace but the other was just ambling along - and she never shut up. Never. Now I try to be mentally kind and remember that: she could just have had heart surgery and you wouldn't know; she could be regaining mobility after a bad break; or, she could be training for the Moonwalk or other similar long distance walk. However mental kindness, when faced with my desire to do a run of decent distance, gets a pounding. My fury at their walking has barely abated and this is a good 18h later. Pah!

There was an upside to this frustration. I used it to really push myself on the weights.
Started with my favourite:
Tummy machine on level 12 (60Kg - according to an instructor)
x 20, then x 12 side obliques, then x 12
Pull down on level 6 (30Kg)
3 x 12
Tricpet Pull down on level 5 (25kg)
3 x 12
Bicept Curl on level 5 (25kg)
3 x 12 - this was hard
Pectoral Push on level 5 (25kg)
3 x 12
Leg Press on level 8 (80Kg)
3 x 12 - really, really hard.

I then decided (as the damn fool women were still ambling along and chatting) to use the crosstrainer. Put the ramp on 19 - so it worked glutes, hamstrings, thighs and calves, but only set resistance to level 2. Managed 1.1 miles in 13.30min - felt like a decent work out.

Still desperately need a run.

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