Friday, 28 December 2007


Soooo excited. Got a Garmin 205 from TheO. She knows me so well. Over the moon, I hadn't hinted or anything, even took it on piddly 1mile walk whilst away. ;-)

We're just back from fambly xmas on Malta with the paz-in-law et al. So tired I just want to go to bed. Flight in landed at 12.30am - taxi at 7am this morning ... strange Travelodge bed that was so soft it rolled you whenever the other person moved. Lack of sleep and crap coffee do not a happy me make!

TheO is playing with their new Wii - so far lots of yelling, screaming, and expletives. Is this good or bad? Does it need to go on ebay already? Should the money be invested in anger management?

Hope everyone had a good holiday and managed to put on slightly less weight than me. :(

1 comment:

Seshat said...

Take my wii away and youse'll get whacked, Goomah!

Hm. No more Sopranos for me ...