Saturday, 5 January 2008

It's official: Exercise makes me HAPPY!

Damn it but didn't those endorphins wake up today and make me feel like a much more civilised human being. (Got some work posted too.)

All did not start well at the gym. I was initially v peeved that there wasn't a running machine free. But hell - I had one of those moments, when given lemons make tangy lemon souffle. (How gay is that sentence?) I really wanted to just go in and do a longer length run - 6ish miles. But this plan had to be altered.

Apart from being a bit officious and grumpy (read: so exceptionally rude and slow that we've seriously considered complaining) the gym in St. Andrews really beats the Cupar gym hands down - it has far better weights machines and the same amount of cardio - and, best of all, WINDOWS. Plus we can take the dogs for a walk on the beach too - so all of the family, both 2 and 4 legged are happy.

So I did all arm weights:
Tricept dip on level 4 (12 x 3)
Shoulder press on level 1 ( x 12) then level 2 (x 12) then 1 again ( x 12) - it frickin killed me - why oh why am I so useless at that particular exercise?
Pectoral press on level 4 (3x 12)
Bicept curl 0n 4 (3 x 12)
Tummy machine ... on 12 (x 12) then on 13 (2 x 12) - highest I've ever taken it. Seriously love that exercise. The older (and incredibly strong - he had some of the weights on the very last hole) guy next to me stopped to stare - then said, "that's quite good". He obviously was trying to be complimentary without being patronising; that appears to be where British understatement comes into play.
Cross pull on 3 each arm (3 x 12)

Then, finally, after loitering with intent, a treadmill became free. I knew that time was waning and all too soon my hour would be up. I had to make a a decision. It's been a while since I did any speed work so I thought I might give a fast mile a go. I set the pace to 6.40ish and just kept running - put it up to 9mph at the end: ran my fastest mile ever 6.58. I would have done a 'happy dance ' had I not been doubled over getting my breath back. Sweet, sweet feeling.
Followed that with a 3min rest then 2.1 miles in 19.30 - good pace, really tough work out. Covered 5K overall. Still need to get a long run in. Never mind tomorrow's 4h walk should help with the stamina a wee bit.

Got to go and pack. (Waterproofs a must!)

Oh and a friend has just started her first blog - go have a look if you have any spare moments. She's all about the Tea and the Words; and not at all about exercise. Consider it a rest day.

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