Sunday, 20 January 2008

It was so good I might hurl at any moment.

There's nothing like a long run. Just you and the road. Calm but cold. Not icy or wet though, so I could just focus on my breathing and keep going. I almost extended my designated 9 mile run to 13 ... it just felt right, but I thought TheO might have a moment of concern if I didn't make it home. Spent my time thinking up new routes to make the longer runs interesting. Tried not to clock watch too much and just keep going. The first 3 miles were the worst, but then they always are; I don't really feel settled until I'm over the 4-5 mile point. After that the body just relaxes and plods onwards.

New Garmin is a joy to wear and has a far more accurate 'current pace' setting than my old one. Also allows me to have a stat-tastic Sunday!
9.5 mile run - decided to make it a little longer - feels more like progress.
1.41.08 - total
1336 calories
Avg speed 10.39 - still happy with anything under 11min/mile for these long training runs.

10.40 - 0.3 downhill, rest flat or slight gradient
11.10 - 0.2 steep hill, rest flat or medium uphill
11.10 - undulating and hills
9.38 - all down hill - bloody lovely
10.06 - pretty flat
10.15 - pretty flat
10.20 - undulating but only slightly
10.49 - undulating a wee bit
11.02 - flat (1.35.15 for 9 miles)
5.53 - half mile - hilly

Fastest 9mile training by 3min! Delighted by the improvement. Cold really makes a huge difference to me. Also didn't feel as dead at the end. Feels like PROGRESS. Just have to keep it up and extend these long runs. Oooh desperately want a nice deep bath but I've only just put the boost on for the hot water (forgot to do it as I left). Bugger.

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londonjogger said...

hey if you like the cold - you could try what this guy did