Tuesday, 29 January 2008


27th - took advantage of the beautiful day!

3.4 miles in 37.58 - a nice recovery pace after ... not much that week ;-)
Ran with TheO and the pooches in the woods despite me pissing her off (without my knowledge at the time!) it was a really nice run; the fresh air and actual sunshine really helps as well as the exercise.

Monday (28th) we drove for 3hours to see a house. We parked, politely told the agent we knew it was a 'no' and drove home. (Only stopping for a fried breakfast ..... noooooooooooooo.) It was a classic case of the brochure promising sooo much more than the house could ever deliver. It was not 'private' as discussed at length on the 'phone with (another) agent. This was the main bug bear, but the experience was akin to having the most sumptuous and incredible food put in front of you and then discovering it tastes like ashes. It wasn't even a 'bargin' or suspiciously priced. Pah. Damn house hunting.

Today I should have been working and instead was a bit glum - think the stress of N'edding, House hunting and raging hormones might have been a bit much for me. Apart from a Tesco's run (finally we have fruit, veg, and light-bulbs - the situation was getting a bit desperate) a trip to the gym was necessary to work me out of my slump.

So, I tried some Yasso's. As explained simply the idea is that you run 800m in the min:seconds that you ideally want to run a marathon in - in hours:min. So I was aiming for 800m in 4:50ish. I set the machine to LAPS - a delightful setting where it gives you 400m set distances and counts them in laps. Genius - as it also still counts up the milage you're running overall. It really spurred me on to know that each section was so short - what kind of wuss would I have been to wimp out, that's what I kept telling myself as I sweated away like a fat 50yr old running their first race - in Florida!

Gradient was set to 1.5% - for novelty value. Then I did my first Yasso - came in at 4.37 - was quite happy. Proceeded with a total of 10 Yasso's all in the 4:27 to 4:37 bracket - I took a maximum of 60 seconds between Yasso's to stretch and catch my breath. Doing this speed work it became clear that I don't work hard enough normally. I was fit to be wrung out by the end of it. And the time reflected that, I covered 5 miles in 44.50 which is quite quick for me. ... Doesn't count as a fastest ever though due to the rests. ;-( Begin to wonder what is possible. Could I run 20 Yasso's at this pace? Should I review my speed expectations - probably not, I should get a bit more distance under my belt and then consider how I feel about speeding up.

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