Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What a weekend!

An early start on Saturday saw an un-caffeinated TheO* reclining in Keith's passenger seat whilst I bombed along the M90. At moments we talked - I was asked, "are you in 5th?" - I thought: Ah the joys of a Landrover, you're free to roam over hill and dale - you can go anywhere you want, as long as you're prepared to go slooowly.

But hell, we made it to our wintery and rainy destination (almost on time). We looked at the rain, and at the smiling faces of High-Heels and RF and knew it was going to be a good day. We had all come prepared for the conditions. Waterproofs abounded. We headed into the woods. The walk was mostly UP for 2km. The trees sheltered us quite well from the cold wind and we all appreciated the winter-wonderland feel of a forest half buried in snow. The pooches romped (on lead) and their low centres of gravity and four-legged-ness saw them make light work of some of our more difficult scrambling.

The peak was delightfully pointy. The view was really quite spectacular - especially as we got the day's obligatory 4min of sunshine whilst standing on the summit. I have to admit that I was quite worried (scared) about coming back down the mountain as I have crappy vertigo and it was damn steep going up. For some reason, apart from watching your step as it was so slippery with snow, it was a breeze coming down. I just had to keep moving as my gloves were not in any way waterproof and had become water logged with all the scrambling over rocks and through streams. RF was kind enough to take a dog on the way back so I could warm my hands up by moving them rather than having to hold a lead.

We slogged up and back in 3h - which I don't think was too bad considering the weather. It was really busy given the weather and must be mental in the summer. Our simple packed food was eaten in the relative warmth of Keith. We ate fast and quickly decided that just heading straight for the hotel would be best. Not a difficult decision when you know that luxury, warmth, food and booze awaits!

The hotel did not disappoint. We were quite concerned that it had been some kind of aberration last time. Thankfully it was just was wonderful this time. This time the girls decided that they would treat us to the booze - this was inspired. We bathed - I in fine style, a shower to get clean, then the ultimate indulgence, a bath - for no reason other than to lie in the water and read a magazine. Fabulous.

We headed down in our glad rags. We were the young and beautiful sipping our fancy arsed cocktails then having pink champagne. The food was sublime but it is the company that makes these things. The wine and chat flowed and we ended the evening with a wee drinkie in the whisky room. To a huge bed with crisp sheets to sleep and dream of mountains and snow.

Pottering round the Kelvin Grove Museum the next day was the perfect Sunday activity.
All in all bloody marvellous - a great start to 2008, lets hope the rest of it rocks this way. ( And we were home in time to chill out a bit on Sunday night too.)

*Dangerous to be in such close proximity.

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