Friday, 18 January 2008

As usual, my apologies. Life got in the way.

A week so HUGE in its enormity I'm not sure a blog can contain it.

Apart from: a lovely w/end where Chopper visited (as did Sis-in-Law and the 'phews) and we walked along the banks of the Tay roughly 5 mile route in 2 hours - through woods, to Birkihill House (a surprisingly lovely discovery); and the finishing of a major commission; we also managed to go to Dundee and see an exhibition which was bloody marvellous. It was by Matthew Buckingham at the DCA and entitled Play the Story. There were 3 video works which all had something relevant and thought provoking to say whilst manipulating the chosen media in original and fabulous ways. GO SEE IT if you get the chance.

However this is all more circumstantial news than the big news. On January 16th something was smiling down at me. I got accepted for funding to go to the British Craft Trade Fair. This is a BIG deal. It's the major trade fair for those who make things in Britain. No tat. Just great quality stuff. And it costs about £1500 to go - I get full funding apart from accommodation. I also opened in my first proper exhibition* - very exciting stuff - big perspex cabinets and everything! Also, as a side bar - I ran my fastest ever 5k in 26:36 at 1%. Bloody marvellous day. We then topped it off by going for dinner with Highheels and Teech at Mal Maison in Edinburgh which was delightfully convivial (even if some of the food could have been a little better). Discovered a gorgeous bar called Dragonfly - lovely coffee but the cocktail menu was amazing.

Yesterday TheO decided that she's had enough. The time had come to stop ignoring the RAF flying by and to start looking for another house. The house that will be the house. The one to last forever. The one that fits all our friends or family in comfort. With that in mind we went to look at one - it sucked. She's desperate to move to the Pitlochry area - up in the mountains. I'm searching for the 'right house' regardless of location (apart from being in the country and within 2h of Edinburgh). Hopefully the two will marry well enough.

So today has been relatively quiet - a shop and a gym session. 4 miles in 37.40 at 1%, the last 0.5mile was at 2%. Work those calves. A few scant weights used up the rest of my time. Fairly pleased with the run - just have to keep building up the miles. Eeeek.

*Whilst getting ready for the exhibition opening I discovered that my hair has two settings: limp or 80s - damn it. Why do these things only become apparent when you're in a hurry?


The Professor said...

Woo-Hoo! That's great news : )

Thought the poster for Edinburgh was flash enough, but now you're proper posh. Really pleased for you.

Right, I'd best read up on squatters rights to see if Rock God and I could successfully stage an occupation at your current abode circa this April ; )

Ruth said...

Coolio! Where is it? London? How exciting!

Danny said...

Major congrats for the Trade Fair!

SAM said...

Aww thanks guys.
Exhibition is in Harrogate.