Friday, 11 January 2008

News just in: Treadmill rocks my world. (And yes, I do need professional help.)

Awoke in terrrrrible mood - really grumpy and sad. Luckily final piece arrived for my exhibition piece and I got that finished, photographed and sent off.
Having to sort out a dog dilemma TheO had to stay in - but she wanted to come to the gym with me. I began to get a bit antsy and ate some Nature Valley biscuit things and had a bottle of Lucozade - I really wanted to do this run, my foot was literally tapping by the time we finally got to go. I was terrified that leaving it late (4pm) would mean that the gym would be full - again. (Seriously, had that been the case I might have exploded ... a small mushroom cloud would have been seen over Cupar.)

As we drove across my anxiety continued to grow, especially as I realised that it was a perfect evening; cold with wet ground but a stunning sunset. I think I just need to get outdoors more and stop being such a fecking wimp. (Might need some reflective clothing though, and maybe some long leggings.)

It was busy in there but I monopolised a corner treadmill and ran 10k - all at 1% incline.

6.2 miles in 59.30
Pace 6.2 or above - did about a mile at 6.5 - never ever dipped below
sweaty perfection - it really was nice to drip, made me feel like I'd really been working. It was just what I needed mentally and physically.

I had also had the foresight to ask TheO to cook tonight. They cooked up a STORM - amazing pancakes filled with salmon and tomato salsa - it was a taste sensation.

Just a bit of residual panic about my next project. Hey Ho - it always all gets done in the end.

Feel wonderfully energised now - 2.17am - got 3 quotes done for a friend and 2 business quotes done with sketches... crikie. must go to bed.

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Running Jayhawk said...

The dreadmill? Really? It rocks your world?

Oof. You're one brave soul.