Sunday, 27 January 2008

Birthday, birthday .... so good to me.

The 24th was my birthday (a delightful 29 years decrepit). TheO and I spent it sorting out the details for our non-wedding (aka N'edding). What I thought was going to be a dull (including a loooong time driving) and tedious day was, in fact, delightful and v exciting. It was great too just to get things confirmed, plans made, and details ... detailed.
I was also lavished with gifts (always great). Some work related (a great jewellery wrap to transport things to clients in for meetings) and some for play (a Wii remote of my very own). Then there was the running indulgence:
Ahhhh, I am not only going to be well fed and warm on my long training runs (no matter what the weather) I am going to be lookin' stylin'!

25th - saw us heading to see yet another house. We knew the moment we saw it's location (too close to a road) and garden it was a 'no'. Ah well, it was a a nice house that had been lovingly restored. The owners were v nice and assured us that the raging torrent the other side of the road (about 60m from the house) had never burst it's banks and 'never would'. On returning home we discovered that it was on the news as less than 1/2 mile from the house the road had been closed to all vehicles as the river had - inevitably- burst it's banks. Nothing like a bit of optimism when trying to sell your house.

The afternoon saw me have a mini meltdown as I couldn't find any cake I liked for my birthday celebration that evening. I blame tiredness and hormores. It was not pretty. No 29yr old should be reduced to tears of frustration by not being able to choose cake. Especially when they've just bought a really nice blue cord jacket for £10!

I did manage to fit in my second exercise session of the week (the first was 30min of yoga on the 23rd - it was good to have a stretch but I really needed a run). After some dogs were dropped off late (1:15min late!) I jumped on the elliptical machine and slogged out a 5k. I did a minute and a hlaf before the distance measuring thing kicked in, but then managed a 28.37 5K on the rolling setting. This goes from level 5 to level 8 (out of 16) in rolling steps. Really made me feel much better. Managed to keep the RPM at 70 or above.

For my birthday supper we (a happy band of 8) headed out to enjoy A Thai/Japanese place. I wanted it to be something a little different and it was a good night. Excellent cocktails, yummy food, good chat. Home for cheesecake, more drinking and games and chat. A perfect understated day. (I was also lucky enough to receive some great gifts from my friends - thank you all soooo much!)

26th - we just chilled out - more games, some fabulous cakes thanks to Highheels, and general chat. It was really great to do something on a Friday night and then have a chill out day and know that everyone can still get home and have some w/end left to get on with the tedious business of life.

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