Saturday, 29 September 2007


Serves me right for being excited. Woke up feeling decidedly rough. A little bit achy, rough throat, sniffle, sneezing. Generally pissed-off. Ate quite a bit last night and didn't drink thinking: I'm off to do a 9 mile run tomorrow this is both excellent fuel and I'll burn it off.

Whilst I'm not "ill" I'm pretty usre that a long run would weaken the defences a bit too much. I'll try for a sensible day with lots of vitamins and rest. (Not that, that will stop me from being a grumpy bugger.) At least I can fit in a long run next week ...

And my new sports bra didn't arrive.
And I've got to go into town and do lots of pissy little chores.
Boo Hiss to today.

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