Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Highlights and Lowlifes

Jehsus! As my delightful N'orn Irish friend would say. Is this what I have stooped to. I was whistled at today and - despite being a slightly arsey feminist with mildly ranting tendencies - I was bloody delighted. Why! What makes this acceptable? I tried to explain my joy to TheO (who luckily understood and was willing to let me witter and self-justify) by saying that just to be whistled at is complimentary; there was no leering, no intimidation, no attempt to engage in conversation - it was entirely harmless (in a sexist objectification type way).

They were obviously out without their guide-dog however as I was wearing quite tight running gear (in the post office on my way for a run) which does not my particular figure flatter. Ah well. I'm just taking this moment and appreciating it for what it was.

Now, the run itself was less of a joy. 2 bits of toast and a 4 hour gap does not a successful run make. When will I bloody learn?! But a nice 1mile loop was found in St. Andrews and I'd done 2.5miles by the time TheO turned up (a slow 27min). I was eager enough to stop so we just enjoyed the indian summer day (yes, albeit slightly cold) and walked some v happy dogs. Just being outside in real, sunny, daylight made me feel like a new woman. I can't wait for my next run now.

In more exciting news TWO different sports bras should arrive tomorrow. The famed Enell and a new Triumph Extreme which got the top review in the above article. Once I've got them I'm going to do my own tests on the ones which work best for me. Joy. Shopping & Running.

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