Monday, 24 September 2007

Today - we're all caught up now.

Met Bloom for lunch in St. Andrews, with his Ma which was a delightful. Funny, Civilised. But then we went to the gym and exacted a kind of torture on myself. Two weeks since my last visit and I'm not sure my limbs are going to forgive me. My hip aches like an old woman.

Ran 1mile in 8.24 on 1% gradient. Good.
Did all the weights, was damn hard work.
Then 1 mile on elliptical level 20 (so glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads get a blasting) varying between 1 and 2 resistance ( took 12.30).

Also got lots and lots of work done - about 7 people emailed and new commissions are agreed.
Stood on scales, weight bad but fat % is looking like it is down at my peak 1/2 marathon conditioning. I have been putting the work in - just have to sort out the food now.

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