Monday, 24 September 2007

Another one bites 30 on the ass. 22nd Sept. 2007

Well, that's how cricketboy would love us to see it. He'd had a bad week, but luckily his girlf high-heels had organised (and I use that word loosely) a wee surprise party, paint-ball and a Thai meal.
He was suitably surprised. I was really excited by the idea of paint-ball. I'd never done it, heard all about the pain though. Well, I was to be quite disappointed. It being a Saturday, everybody and their stag party/school outing/birthday celebrants were there. It was 40 a side teams, hideous cheating and no strategy. Hmmph. I did manage never to get shot which pleased me more than it should have done. I was even in the last stronghold of a few games so that was quite cool. Glad I didn't get hit, the bruises are NASTY.

Great meal in the evening I really like the company of RF and Wheeler - think we might have bored high-heels at times but she was knackered so may just have been drifting anyway.

Sunday was spent at home - doing nothing - it was just what was needed.
Seriously this might have been my dullest post ever. I'll come back to form soon.

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