Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Several friends do Aqua-Fit on a weekly basis in Edinburgh. Today we two gave it a go.
Overall - not bad. Feels as good as a gym session but not like a run or a proper swim. We will go again (might adjust this if I awake in pain tomorrow) and add it in as an additional session in the week. Great location in the dive pool in Dundee - plenty of space and good deep water.

I was a bit of an exercise snob about it. I'm never that convinced by something I can't measure. I could go regularly and not really know if, it was getting any easier/I was getting any better. I found somethings tricky from a balance and co-ordination point of view but it didn't feel like that hard a workout. Good to be forced to keep going through it all with music and a teacher though. Bizarrely I got two rubbing patches on my arms from my swimming costume and the constant arm pumping/swinging motion - who'd a thunk it?

Almost had an argument with TheO as I was possibly unfairly disparaging about people who, "couldn't run 10K". Difficult to express that it's only by holding onto thin shreds of belief in my own physical ability that I manage to aim for faster/stronger/better - and I can only do this by making comparisons. I don't want to be 'quite good for a fat girl' I want to really surprise people with my strength and level of fitness. That's why I want to challenge myself physically. Who would have imagined that aqaufit could have provoked such levels of debate. And we didn't even get onto the fact the instructor was quite cute!

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