Wednesday, 12 September 2007


After many emails my dad arranged to have some wood delivered yesterday afternoon. At 9.50 this morning (before I'd even had my COFFEE) the driver calls up to tell me he's 20min away. I live about 20min from my dad's. BUGGER

After telling TheO quite how pissed off I was - particularly frustrating as there was no one person who could get the full vitriol of my rage (I was at least coherent enough to know it was just 'one of those things'.). I drove to St.Andrews - and waited... and waited. Driver turns up (is v nice and deserves no blame). Then he opens the truck. I look at the wood - there's 3 tons of it. I have to do the same lifting as the driver. They are all long sections that need two people. 45min of solid heavy lifting later we're both dripping with sweat and have aching arms (well, I do). I curse my father (just because he ordered the damn stuff). I would be more understanding about the wood if it wasn't to build a giant train set all around his garden (the family home which I will inherit and have to try and sell on). Talk about obsession.

I digress.

My point, if there ever was one, is that I meant to rest my arms today. They've been having a hard time at the gym recently. Damn lucky for the driver I have been working out though - crikie it was hard work.

But after many other journeys to prepare for our camping trip, walk dogs, get dog vaccinated etc we did really go to the gym despite not really wanting to. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill (never again) in 50min. It was all at 9:20-9.40 pace but I walked for about 3min between 3.5 and 4.5 miles. It was so hot I was dripping in a foul manner. Also, only had powerade with me, so I couldn't splash water over my head to cool down. Was a bit sad at having to walk but I was trying to complete a time faster then I am capable of at present. Loved the work out though and my legs are aching. Feel relatively prepared for Skye - although hill work should probably have played some part.

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