Saturday, 8 September 2007

A better few days.

Ah, it's amazing the difference a bit of sunshine & exercise makes.

On the 5th went to the woods for a 5K run with the littleblackdog.

9.15 - mile
9.33 - mile and a bit
30sec pause as TheO demanded water whilst running in the other direction!!!!!
9.23 - mile and a bit

28.12 total - fastest in ages
Did loads of stretching whilst waiting for TheO. Delighted.
After that a Tesco's trip was bloody marvellous - it's great to know we're going to be home long enough to make some proper food.

Spent all day on the 6th working - but managed to get the item sent off in time. It's incredible how many people call up and ask for a special and meaningful commission which they need for about 5 days time! I'm incapable of saying no. Never mind, they got it, they love it, everyone is happy.

The 7th was a bit of a landmark day.
Despite it being hot hot hot I decided a run into St. Andrews would be marvellous.

Great 5k time but:
at 4.5 miles walked to 4.75
at 5.25 miles walked to 5.5
at 6.5 miles walked to 6.75 just too damn hot - not enough breeze or shade.
Total 7.1

8.41 - flying
10.07 - 28.50 for 5K
11.56 despite walking 1/4 miles still at 50.34 for 5 miles - delighted
11.36 -- 1.04.00 for 10K
1.07 last .1

Decided not to beat myself up about the walking. It still felt like an amazing run. The secret must be all in the nutrition. I had porridge then a bottle of powerade as I set off, 2h after food exactly. At 5miles had a gel (a new kind, the power bar gel ... slightly less disgusting than the SiS stuff, but still a little foul). Then walked another 2 miles to the beach and walked the dogs. Ok, by "walked" I mean "occasionally threw a stick but mostly stood in the cold water reconditioning my feet". Bliss.

Today (8th) we decided that the dogs were going to be clipped for the first time by us (rather than spend the day away from us being traumatised by the professional clipper). It was hilarious. The amount of fur that came off them had to be seen to be believed. They were remarkably calm as we sooo slowly took the fur off. I never thought I'd be spending any time in my life deciding if my dog was going to have a brazillian! We're left with two clipped dogs who are much cooler and more comfortable. Must be about to snow.

*Just arrived this morning is a new sports bra - a Shock Absorber B4490 in mint /slate. Good after trying on - just have to see if it really works during a run. I can't seem to get anything that prevents a bit too much up and down motion. (Use B109 by Shock Absorber and Champion Action Shape at the moment.) Any recommendations gratefully received - I'm a 38 C/D (mostly D).

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warriorwoman said...

Have you not tried Enell? Zero upward motion recorded by an F/G cup.