Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Note to self.

1. Never live somewhere where I have to get up at 4.30 in the morning just to run in a decent temperature. It would just kill me. (Not, in any way, a morning person. And I define morning as anything before 10am.)

2. Never be tempted by the pretty sports bras. Even if they say level 4 "MAX" support. They lie. Large saggy boobs are only allowed industrial strength layers of ugly elastic.

3. Remember to listen to Cat Stevens on a bad day - it will make you smile. Try not to think about the Boyzone and other similarly shit covers.

4. Hold onto the joy of the simple things. Got my first roof-box today (for a girlie camping trip) and it might as well have been my first shiny bike as a small kid. Felt entirely trapped between the excitement of a small child and the practicality of a grown-up.

5. Eat less chocolate - or anything with a massive processed white flour and sugar content. (Even if you love it sooooooooooooo.)

1 comment:

warriorwoman said...

Oh that boyzone cover was terrible. Thanks for the GNR tips and the Cat Stevens reminder, I'm just drawing up my playlist for the big day and I think Cat Stevens will do just fine in between episodes of the archers.